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Polaris Engineering Group is a firm dedicated to developing your new product idea into a production ready design. We customize our services to generate the best solutions for each client. Whether you need help with concept development only or full-service design to production, our staff can lend a helping hand.



Full comprehension of the basic concept is essential for the innovation process. Our engineers will use the information provided by you, the client, as the foundation followed by market research. We will couple this data with our expertise to formulate a path towards obtaining your goal.

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Concept Development

Using the information gathered in the research phase, we will begin creating preliminary design concepts. Each design concept can be produced into viable solutions.  Innovative ideas and creative concepts are vital in every phase to produce new discoveries and drive product enhancement. Concepts are developed and visualized through brainstorming, sketches, and SolidWords modeling.

Function and Usability Design

An often overlooked phase in the design process is to ensure form follows function. This means the product's form will be designed to imply and comply with it's intended function while still attracting customers accordingly. Our engineers will utilize SolidWorks 3D modeling software to optimize the aesthetics without sacrificing functionality in order to captivate the target market. We will continually refine the the product's allure until the final design.

Computer Aided Design and Engineering

Our engineers use SolidWorks and other integrated applications to create highly accurate models and virtually assemble parts for a product. We can conduct a multitude of simulations on virtual models, including stress analysis which, coupled with our experience, allow us to make informed decisions on how to guide the product design.

Prototyping & Manufacturing

Placing a functioning prototype in your's, a potential customers' or an investors' hands is an essential step in getting your product to market. We create prototypes of the necessary components to provide you an opportunity to interact with something tangible that was once a figment of your imagination. Once you, the client, are happy with the product, we will finalize the design and begin developing the plans to produce and manufacture your product.

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