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Industries Served-Aerospace-Polaris Engineering Group

In the aerospace industry, all personnel, systems and equipment must be safe and reliable. Polaris Engineering Group provides the expertise required to seamlessly integrate advanced technology systems with support capabilities to be a supreme partner with aerospace clients.


Industries Served-Processing-Polaris Engineering Group

 Validating final designs using advanced tools is vital for improving equipment and processes while minimizing wasted time and expenses. Polaris Engineering Group provides design, analysis, and testing services for equipment and systems required by manufacturing and processing companies.

Oil & Gas

Industries Served-Oil and Gas-Polaris Engineering Group

Innovative technology has energized the oil and gas industry–exploration and production are now global and complex. Polaris Engineering Group offers expedited solutions to help clients navigate challenges and improve processes within this dynamic industry.


Industries Served-Manufacturing-Polaris Engineering Group

Minimizing costs while maximizing productivity is key in manufacturing. Polaris Engineering Group offers a breadth of knowledge of systems and machines, from big picture to fine detail. Our team works with manufacturing clients to design, integrate, and improve manufacturing systems and processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.


Industries Served-Energy-Polaris Engineering Group

From oil to nuclear to renewable, the energy industry consists of an array of fields that require innovative, complex technologies and operations in dynamic market conditions. Polaris Engineering Group provides true turnkey energy solutions for clients within any sector of the energy industry through up-to-date methods and practices. 

Supply Chain

Industries Served-Logistics-Polaris Engineering Group

Supply chain management involves the close analysis and evaluation of supply chains and systems for trends or problems. Polaris Engineering Group offers innovation and creativity to improve operational inefficiencies, resulting in successful processes related to the purchase, transport, storage, distribution, and warehousing of materials and goods.