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Product Development

Product development is the entire process from defining the concept through completing the design, preparing for production, and performing on a large scale. With careful product development, companies can maximize the adoption of products by offering a more attractive look and feel both before and after product purchase. Our experienced team works closely with clients to develop functional, effective products that solve industrial challenges.

Mechanical Design

Most hardware requires mechanical design to prototype and manufacture a complex working version of a product. If done properly, mechanical design can be the main contributor to the success of a product. At Polaris Engineering Group, SolidWorks and other connected apps will be utilized to generate a virtual design to help you visualize your creation. Our team will provide useful 2D and 3D rendering to ensure your product is up to spec for manufacturing, and all mass-produced parts will operate compliantly and seamlessly off the production line. 

Mechanical Design- Polaris Engineering Group
Prototyping-Polaris Engineering Group


Prototyping allows the collaborative collection of all 2D and 3D design concepts of a product to transform into a physical product that lands in the hands of your potential customers or investors. Prototyping allows you to test product features, manufacturing methods, and user experiences before full-scale production is in effect. Polaris Engineering Group is dedicated to helping clients create effective prototypes in order to receive the necessary feedback and intel to launch a successful product. 


Outsourcing Engineering & Consulting

Outsourcing engineering can present an array of benefits of which in-house engineers may not provide–including greater focus, speed of development, cost efficiencies, and a greater breadth of experience. The licensed engineers at Polaris Engineering Group will provide you with immediate expertise which allows you to devote more focus on core business needs while decreasing the costs of product development. Polaris EG also offers reliable consulting services. Our team can come in to mentor a young team or be hired for occasional engineering-related tasks that do not require a full-time engineer on staff.

Outsourcing Engineering-Polaris Engineering Group
Engineering Analysis-Polaris Engineering Group

Engineering Analysis

Engineering analysis is key in the design confirmation prior to large scale manufacturing. Proper analysis provides insight to help customer better understand their product and its limitations, enables visualization of actual product characteristics and functionalities, and helps uncover counter-intuitive design flaws for proactive correction. A licensed engineer from Polaris Engineering Group will perform the necessary analysis to ensure the proper materials and dimensions are optimally utilized for product success.

Customized Services

At Polaris Engineering Group, our services can be tailored to meet the demands of any project with the goal of increasing overall efficiencies. Rather than locking our focus on a single aspect of a project, our group analyzes the entire picture to ensure your project environment is optimized to create a successful product or service. Whatever your needs, our team of experienced engineers can assist in taking your project to the next level  through creative, customized solutions for day-to-day operations. 




Customized Service-Polaris Engineering Group