The Integration of Supply Chain Management and Engineering

The Integration of Supply Chain Management and Engineering-Polaris

As industries become far more complex in a fast-paced market, the integration of certain operations and field duties becomes a less-disciplined movement across borders. With today’s industry practices and standards, the integration of supply chain management and engineering is quite justifiable.

Supply chain management and engineering fields espouse one another through their responsibilities. Both fields represent the development and advancement of a business’ processes that a product undergoes until its end location: the acquisition of raw materials, production processes, transport from suppliers to customers and other industry-related actions.

Engineers evaluate and determine pragmatic solutions to more local issues within operation and manufacturing processes. Characterized as often using heuristic techniques, engineers strive to analyze processes and develop measures for improvement and successful design and implementation, including redesigning a work area to maximize profits while reducing costs.

Supply chain management analyzes a wider spectrum of focus and evaluates operations and production solutions on a global scale. Supply chain managers determine strategic methods for operation optimization, including innovative tactics to position inventory across distribution networks to all-around maximize workforce output of products.

The Integration of Supply Chain Management and Engineering-Polaris

Supply chain managers and engineers both work to seek improvement for the end-user of the production chain–both diligently analyze business processes for risks, lead times, cost price breakdown, volume and customer coverage while producing relative solutions to optimize the production chain in its entirety.

As a registered a engineering firm with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, Polaris Engineering Group specializes in designing mechanical systems for optimizing local operations through the full product development cycle. Polaris Engineering Group strives to provide clients with the capability to meet industry demands for continual improvements and innovation by using a plethora of notable skills and qualities from licensed professionals.

At Polaris EG, our goal is to work alongside the supply chain management field to reach maximum production results at a consistent rate.

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