Polaris Engineering Drawings


Providing superior development capabilities that

exceed the "possible" in any industry.

Polaris Engineering Group (Polaris EG) is a registered engineering firm with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers specializing in mechanical systems and the product development lifecycle. Polaris EG provides its clients with the capability to meet industry demands for continual improvements and innovation by utilizing our proficient skills in leadership, product development and critical thinking to drive an efficient, productive and profitable process for the client.

At Polaris EG, its licensed Professional Engineers have an extensive background in Product Development, Industry Standard Testing, Computer Aided Design, and Failure Analysis. An efficient methodology was developed using experiences from industry to assist clients generate solutions while they focus on their core business. As a full-service engineering firm with a licensed Professional Engineer in Mechanical Systems and Materials, Polaris EG works with the client from concept-to-completion to deliver solutions and expedite innovation.

The positive impact a licensed professional can provide should not be underestimated. Customized engineering and design services will help you attain solutions quicker and increase efficiency with instant access to expertise and infrastructure. Polaris EG can provide a wide range of mechanical engineering consulting services tailored to the clients’ needs. As a results-oriented engineering consulting firm, an engineer will work with you throughout the entire process to achieve success. Contact Us to learn more on how we can help you.